I Am T-Pain iPhone App AutoTunes Anybody For $2.99


Now you, too, can sing like T-Pain on monster classics like, I’m Sprung, and the immortal I’m N Luv (Wit A Sripper).

Better yet – you can share your T-Pain with the world via MySpace, FaceBook or email.

WTF? They missed Twitter!

Maybe that’ll be in the “pro” version! Lulz.

The I Am T-Pain iPhone App (App Store link) is brought to you courtesy the good people at Smule.

Artists using I Am T-Pain


Even Ryan Can Sing Like T-Pain

5 thoughts on “I Am T-Pain iPhone App AutoTunes Anybody For $2.99

  1. enough with the damn auto tune already. T pain thinks he invented auto tune…he didn't. cher used it before his ass. just stop with the freaking auto tune already!

  2. I can't wait until we get convincing audio processing to simulate different cultural accents.

    Looks like with the naming and branding, T-Pain endorses this. And since Smule partnered with Antares, that'd a great way to bring what was once a novelty effect to the masses. (Just like the iPhone has helped popularize other niche concepts.)

    But a missed opportunity I haven't seen (clue me in if you have) cheaper desktop plugin alternatives to Auto-Tune. I know some DAWs like Logic have their own pitch correction built in, but there's still a gap to accessibility.

    I had fun with the Auto-Tune trial while it lasted tho, shawty:

    [youtube 64iv40rqDf4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64iv40rqDf4 youtube]

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