Separated At Birth? & Behringer’s New Website


We’ve criticized a couple of misguided web site redesigns recently, but Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music beat us to the punch on the strangely familiar new Behringer site:

Look out: Behringer, already a notorious rip-off artist, is taking the “first step in [the] company’s reinvention of online presence.” I shudder to think what the coming steps will look like. But yes, the new site looks a wee bit familiar. It actually gets worse as you dig into the layout.

In fairness, for over a decade now, Apple’s site has perhaps the most ripped-off Website design on the Internet. But then, Behringer is special.

I don’t know about you….but I’ve got a strange feeling of déjà vu…..


10 thoughts on “Separated At Birth? & Behringer’s New Website

  1. Behringer is ok with some products..they are not all faulty…there aren't many companies who sell products with the same specs at these competitive prices..

  2. There is a distinct difference between 'inspired by' and 'shameless ripoff'. Anyone who has spent even a little bit of time on Apple's website can see how hilarious this is. Behringer's already notorious reputation as a hardware cloner makes this all the more funny.

    I don't begrudge Behringer for delivering inexpensive hardware to the masses; it's just how they go about it that has so many folks in the music industry shaking their heads. They remind me of the Chinese cellphone company CeCT that floods eBay with all of those cheap iPhone knockoffs.

  3. It isn't the first time Apple has started a trend or been shamelessly copied. It has happenend many, many times. Just look at windows 😉

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