6 thoughts on “Native Instruments Updates Its Website

  1. Even moarr Flash and slowness! I ran into a ton of 404 errors the other day, for things like registration support, license transfer FAQ, and more. That's great. Signed into support? No you're not, sign in again! Sign into the forum, too! We won't answer you, though. Why don't you buy a sound pack of pre-made KORE shit? You know, once you find it. Go ahead, load the page, find it again on a page full of our other shit. Ok, check out the demo player, then oops, of course I buy it in the store. Load the store slowly, WAIT, first you need to select your country even though you are logged into your account, ok now the store is loading..

  2. It was rubbish. Took me 4 attempts to buy the sound-packs. I'm so glad it finally worked in the end. Was very frustrating though! Luckily they make great products.

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