Chromaticover Turns Your Synthesizer Into An Accordion


Cool Music Instruments’ Chromaticover is slightly bizarre device that turns your synthesizer into an accordion.

The Chromaticover is a hardware chromatic keyboard, with an accordion-style mechanism for both right hand and left hand. The keyboard features magnetic MIDI sensors, with the key touch of a real accordion.

The Chromaticover sits directly on top of your existing keyboard or piano keys so you don’t loose any additional space. It has been designed to fit any keyboard: it just sits on top of the existing keys, making your instrument a fully operational chromatic keyboard.

Left hand: 120 active bass buttons
Right hand: 86 active buttons

Details at the Cool Music Instruments site.

via DeviantSynth

3 thoughts on “Chromaticover Turns Your Synthesizer Into An Accordion

  1. The only thing accordion players are going to miss is the dynamic volume and tremolo control via the bellow… Is there a way to counter this?

  2. The price is not shown, because it’s a secret! You required to inquire about its price in writing and be safely seated in a chair, because once you get to know its price, it will knock you out… and you’ll be forced to continue your search for a more reasonably priced alternative.

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