Beatmaking In Photoshop

This video takes a look at beatmaking with Photoshop + Photosounder:

This video shows how to create drums using Adobe Photoshop and Photosounder

We first start with making a snare sound by drawing a white blob in the upper half of the picture and then black out its first half, then listen to it in Photosounder. We then proceed with the kick drum by drawing a curve in the lower end of the image, then the hi-hat by drawing something similar as the snare drum except shorter in time and higher in the image.

All the instruments are converted into “Smart Objects” so that all their copies would be affected when they will be eventually modified.We then place 8 hi-hats at regular intervals on the image on which we are laying out the beat, and we place the kick drums and snares accordingly to form a drum pattern.

We then tweak many aspects of the beat before exporting the final result to a WAV file which we’ll be able to use as a drum loop in any regular audio sequencer.

Photosounder is a program that lets you convert images into sounds and vice versa, letting you edit sounds as images. It brings photo editing tools into the world of sound design.

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  1. I applaud the creativity aspect of this, but I can achieve the very same results in
    FL Studio, in a fraction of the time, and with less hassle.

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