Making A Stereo Small Stone Phaser For Synthesizers

This video demos using two Small Stone Phasers as a stereo phaser effect for synthesizers to get the classic phased synth sound of Jean Michel Jarre.

via Yorkshirelad69:

This mod requires 2 Small Stone Phasers pedals (EH4800).

The mod will make both pedals work together so that you can use both the left and the right outputs on your synth/keyboard rather than just having the phasing effect through just the left/right channel (listen carefully to the sound track).

The phases are synced together and the rate controlled from the master unit.

It’s a true stereo signal path and doesn’t simply split a mono signal into two.

This is ideal for Jean Michel Jarre fans as the Small Stone Phaser plays an important part in creating his classic Oxygene/Equinoxe pad sound.

Note1: Ignore the slightly odd effect at 0:19 that’s not the pedals that’s my sound processing!

Note2: The revision on the printed circuit board is EC-4800 Rev.L : this mod may not work on other revisions.

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