DJAY 3 Puts Two DJ Turntables Into iTunes

Algoriddim has upgraded DJay, their mixing software for iTunes, to version 3.

Many new features have been added, including Automatic Beat and Tempo Detection, Auto-Cut Scratching, Beat-Matched Looping, enhanced Audio FX, Automix Queue, Auto-Gain and MIDI Learn.

Algoriddim DJay 3 retails for $49.95.

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  • Automatic Beat & Temp Detection is djay’s on-the-fly song analysis that calculates the beats per minute (BPM) and exact location of each beat, laying the groundwork for a host of other features including Auto-Sync, looping and beat-synchronized effects.
  • Auto-Sync djay’s automatic beat and tempo detection allows you to easily match the playback speed of two songs for a perfect transition with the click of a single button. djay calculates the volume perceived by the human ear for each song and automatically ensures that all your songs play at the same volume level. This allows you to seamlessly fade one song into the next without sudden changes in loudness.
  • Real-time effects, scratching, pitch-shifting and more with solid sound quality and improved low latency. djay’s new audio engine builds upon the Mac’s extended audio support and claims to meet the highest standards in digital audio processing.
  • Auto-Cut Scratching automatically applies the rhythmic pattern of the currently playing song to your scratches in real-time. Create sounds like professional scratch DJs and go beyond the possibilities of the analog world. A breakthrough in digital scratching.
  • The Automix Queue lets you queue up your favorite tracks in advance. Enable Automix and let djay take care of the mixes while you cruise the party. Or use the queue to build a playlist on-the-go from your audience’s song requests. Plug in your favorite MIDI controller and easily map all features in djay to the buttons and sliders on your controller using MIDI-Learn. With Beat-Matched Looping, you can continuously loop part of a song perfectly in sync with the beat.
  • Spice up your mix with djay’s new audio effects including beat-synchronized echo to various reverb types with adjustable wet/dry settings.

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  1. This software is really simple…its very very easy to use, and the audio that comes out sounds professional and audio quality is very good. I cant wait to get my spin!!!

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