11-Year Old Kid Producing Drum And Bass – Watch Your Back


Struggling to figure out the latest software/controller/update?

Then watch your back – because there’s a new generation coming. Check out this drum and bass improv by an 11-year old kid, if you have any doubt.

via strrrangemen:

brother playing around with ableton live 🙂 He took the whole afternoon to learn Ableton Live Basics, now

i’m proud of him 😀

He’s 11 and decided suddenly to play with my stuff 🙂

7 thoughts on “11-Year Old Kid Producing Drum And Bass – Watch Your Back

  1. The kid's a genius. If not, that would mean that – no, it's unthinkable – that drum 'n' bass is really easy to compose without any significant talent needed at all…

    No, unthinkable.

  2. dude, that kid owns… i hope he keeps it up. he'll be rockin the socks off of peoples in no time. It's clear he already knows what he's doing.

    and to the above, "MirlitronOne" while I just LOVE your sense of sarcasm… I can't help but ask is it not unthinkable that MOST music in general takes little significant talent to perform. To do it well, well that's a different story… but to each their own, different boats for different floats in different moats!

    don't hate unless you're a professional hater. i know some professional haters 😉

  3. Nah, he didn't program anything, there's just a drum'n bass track playing in the background, and he's moving faders which are not mapped ! That's the only explanation I can see 😀

  4. wow i didn't know there was a blog post about him.
    just to reply to most comments, donnie's one specially, the output sound was saved separately and put onto the video, roughly syncronised with the video because the camera's mic is shitty, all this under windows movie maker (crap.) so yes it is overdubbed with sound. i was actually telling him stuff like "okay now jump to this sample". No there's no miracle there, most of the bass sample were loops found on the internet. he did only the drums as i've tried to explain on most youtube comments. Any one of you, with a bit of practice can do a lot better. if you're a beginner, play with synths first, don't build yourself a huge 1Tb library of useless samples that don't sound like YOU. do your own sounds. Motivation is all that's needed. My brother is now back to playing his xbox 360, but i do hope this video gives hope to a lot of people.

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