Vaporware Preview: Wusik Fuse Box, A Multi VSTi Manager / Chainer

This is a little vaporific, but Wusik has announced Wusik Fuse Box, a multi VSTi manager/chainer:

This is an announcement only, the product is not ready for release yet. We are still working on its interface. We should have screenshots ready in a week, and a beta version in around a month. You can PreOrder now and save on its final price.

This new product will also be included with all Wusik Station V6 Orders. So if you already purchased Wusik Station V6, you don’t need to purchase Wusik Fuse Box.

The idea behind Wusik Fuse Box, is to be able to work with multiple instances of any VSTi in the same location. This tool adds the option to have multiple Wusik Station and Wusik EVE instances, which can be played with one keyboard. You can also divide VSTs by Key-Zone, Velocity-Zone or Midi-Channels.

Wusik Fuse Box is based on the same idea of Wusik VM, but with the ability to work with multiple VSTs, a new interface, Tree-View of your computer files and an Effect-Rack with Sends and Inserts.

With time, the product can grow with its own Sequencer option, making this an alternative to your current Sequencer. Something we wanted to do with the previous Wusik Red Fuse idea, but here, we are taking it to a new direction; something several users already asked a while ago.

I assume that Wusik wanted to make sure you knew about this before you went out and spent your good money on an alternate multi VSTi manager/changer.

Wusik Fuse Box will retail for $49.95.

Details below.

Current Features List:

  • Up to 16 VSTi slots. Each slot shows the VST name and the loaded preset. Slots are divided into a 2 x 8 VSTi page.
  • Tree-View which can be used to browse for VSTs, FXP, FXB, SFZ, WAV, WusikSND, DASHsnd and WusikPRST files. Read more below. (*)
  • Tree View Favorites Locations. Let you select a directory and save to a Favorites list. Making it easier to locate files in your computer.
  • Each VSTi slot has the following options: Mute, Volume, Pad, FX1/FX2/FX3/FX4 Sends, FX
  • Inserts (x 4), Key-Zone, Velocity-Zone, Midi-Channel, Output and Open VST Editor. (GUI – Opens in a new Window)
  • Mixer Page, where you can adjust most of the parameters listed above.
  • 8 Parameter Macros: each VST can have its own selection of parameters at the bottom of the screen. Making it easier to adjust Envelope and Filter settings, or anything you want, as its user-defined. EG: for Wusik Station, you assign the ADSR to the first 4 parameters. So when you load a preset, you can see what’s the ADSR values are and change right on the screen, without having to open the VST Editor. (GUI) Plus, you can also automate the Parameter Macros via Midi or with your Sequencer Automation options.
  • Everything is saved with your project file, or can also be saved as a Wusik Fuse Box .WusikFBox file. When loading a .WusikFBox file from the Tree-View, all settings and loaded VSTs will be restored.
  • Multiple Outputs. Two files are provided, Single Stereo Out or Multi 8 Stereo Outputs.
  • Midi-VSTs. Each Slot can load up to 4 Midi-VSTs.
  • Over-Sampling option for each VST. (just like Wusik VM does now) Over-Sampling helps some VSTs producing a better sound, removing aliasing problems, but consumes extra CPU usage. This is handy when streaming the final project to disk. (rendering all tracks)
  • FXP and FXB extracting from VSTs. A FXP is a single preset file, while FXB is a bank of presets file.
  • Not every VST allows you to extract preset/bank files.
  • VST registering. So when you load a FXP/FXB file, Wusik Fuse Box knows which VST to load.
  • Copy protection method: Serial-Number. (nothing else)

(*) Tree-View: when browsing files, if you load a FXP or FXB file, the ID inside of this file tells WFB which VST to load. If the VST is not registered, the user is asked to find the related VST, and its registered for future usage; so the next time you load the same or another file with the same VST ID, it knows which VST to load. When loading a SFZ, WAV, WusikSND or DASHsnd file, it loads Wusik Station with the SFZ assigned to the first layer. This is very handy when browsing your sample collection; more file options can be added later on. When loading a WusikPRST file, Wusik Station is loaded and the selected preset is used. Another handy feature when browsing tons of presets and sounds. There would no longer be a need to convert WusikPRST to FXP files, something Wusik VM currently requires. More VST special preset formats can be added, with the help of the original VST author.

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  1. actually they already released a beta of wusikstation v6 which features this, but its locked to the wusikstation – now they just need to make it work with other vsts and its done…

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