Little Boot’s Earthquake YT

This is the latest video from Little Boots (Victoria Hesketh), Earthquake.

Hesketh showed a great deal of promise with her bedroom synth jams – but the production of her EP and her videos seem to have largely homogenized her sound & look, Casio SK5 notwithstanding.

Let me know what you think of Little Boots’ latest in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Little Boot’s Earthquake YT

  1. more pretty people making dull music, will it ever end?, ok it has a retro tinge to it but so what, it is still dull. Why post this crap?

  2. She had a LOT of promise. "Meddle" was the first new song in the last long time that I particularly liked, but this is more formulaic.

  3. homogenized indeed. This is lifeless, computerized vanilla pop.

    Its sad state when your demos hold more promise and fun than the final project.

    Let this be a lesson to all you making music. DO NOT SIGN TO A LABEL. Make your own shit. Tour a lot. You will be much more happy at the end of the day.

  4. The production has shifted the emphasis completely to her vocals, and off the synths. They're pushed so far into the background that they just become a generic mush.

    Yet another reason to DESTROY THE RECORD INDUSTRY.
    (ridiculous hyperbole added for effect)

  5. I really think the same as the other posters. Totally generic and completely uninteresting to a learned ear. There´s nothing left of the YouTube videos with the cute little woman doing crazy stuff with her voice and the synths, now you have like a clone of so many others that have been forgotten in the maelstrom of the record industry.

  6. Maybe she just needs one or two hit records and the money they generate in order to pay for the luxury of artistic freedom. We all know that it's difficult to be fully creative when the rent is overdue. Generic pap sells.

  7. I thought it was weird that she was being marketed as a mainstream pop artist in the UK. I was expecting something more indie. I don't think she'll make it in the US. I'm not sure her album is out over here and that US-only EP is awful.

    I don't mind the album too much, but yeah it's nothing groundbreaking or original. I don't think she's a particularly strong vocalist either.

    I actually like her song Remedy a lot. Though, it's a RedOne track and his production style kind of overshadows her.

  8. Yeah, I thought she had so much promise to start with and then with horrifyingly gradual momentum, she faded away and corporate (did someone above say mush?) well… yes… corporate mush thundered in and I've never felt so alienated before because I actually identified with her enthusiasm and efforts and fascinations to begin with. But, y'know, she wants to be rich and glam and famous not some starving artist in a garret and it's a free world after all. But yeah… to anyone who loves music and loves synths and geekery and stuff, this is all rather crushing. I wish her every success, though, if that's what she wants. Our geeky lil' world's loss will be OK magazine's gain ;p

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