Klaus Schulze Synth Jam From 1977

It’s Sunday! That means we take a slight break from the non-stop electronic music news coverage and break out the Sunday Synth Jams – new and classic examples of musicians making interesting music with synths and electronic music gear.

You may have seen this one before, because it’s a vintage synth jam from 1977. But it’s Klaus Schulze at his Moogtacular prime…..

If you ever need a definition of Berlin School electronica, this is it!

Tune in, turn on and space out as Klaus Schulze plays live, WDR Köln 1977.

For Schulze fans only: Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Schulze album is!

via OtixIbiza:

One of my first works as soundtechn. at german television WDR Köln 1977.

4 thoughts on “Klaus Schulze Synth Jam From 1977

  1. Great Video! I read in somewhere that Klaus owned one of the first personal computers with AI and talk with it about what direction take in his music composition. Weird and possibly fake, but curious date about this pioneer.

  2. There's that AKS again!

    Wow – sitting cross-legged on a rug, wearing furry flares, with the overhead mirror for the audience. How 1970s cool is that? And I LOVE the bit where, with a look of intense concentration, he thoughtfully flicks switches and slowly tweaks knobs, and… nothing changes.

    Coolness personified.

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