Martin Peters’ Berlin School + Symphonic Electronica Synth Jam

The Berlin School lives on, with Martin Peters’ hypnotic interlocking sequencers + symphonic electronica synth jam, Another Symphonic Theme.

Details on gear + patches below!

via attorks:

This theme is somewhat like the symphonic theme I uploaded in February of this year, yet it is also quite different 😉

The 3 rows of the Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer drive 4 voices. The first voice you hear is one Q106 VCO through the CGS Steiner Synthacon VCF and the Oakley Equinoxe phaser. The second voice one Q106 VCO through the Q150 transistor ladder filter. These first 2 voices have the same 4 step sequence running on row 3. Then you hear the self build Modular running on row 2 and after that the Creamware Minimax ASB running on row 1. These 2 voices start each with a 4 step sequence which after a while is varied between 5 and 8 steps manually. Then the bass and the theme are played on the Waldorf Q keyboard with a PPG-like sound. The Mellotron-like strings are played on the Roland XP-80. The solo is performed on the Clavia Nord Lead 1.

I noticed the video is gradually getting out of sync with the sound; I don’t know what caused that and I also didn’t know how to fix that when editing the clip. So, sorry for that.

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