Beat Kangz Intro PlayaThang iPhone Beat Player


The Beat Kangz have introduced PlayaThang (App Store link) – a beat playback application for the iPhone.


PlayaThang offers simple playback of high quality pre-loaded content – 20 professional beats (3 in the FREE version) created by The Beat Kangz; including mixes by Grammy award winning engineer Commissioner Gordon (Lauren Hill, Damien Marley, KRS-One, Amy Winehouse).

PlayaThang lets you mute, solo and change volume for each of the 8 stereo tracks that make up each beat. You can create your own arrangements of the beats on the fly, write or freestyle until you work it out.

It’s designed for mixtapes, albums, and demos; and all the content comes with a free license. Just give the Kangz a shout on the production credits. The Beat Kangz say that you’ll soon be able to download all beats as hi resolution multitracked files from, too.

One thought on “Beat Kangz Intro PlayaThang iPhone Beat Player

  1. Yo I think you missed the mark Bro! This ain’t no sythesizer for techno geeks to program Devo! Whip it good lol! It’s beats! Just Beats and you can mute and solo parts and mix. I just got it and these beats ain’t no joke. I already got a heater written to one of them. I don’t think they worried about MAKING beats on the iPhone. They got the ultimate beat machine comming which is gonna destroy the MPC and a computer version ou already…… So you better do your homework. I haven’t heard one app on the AppStore with REAL beats. These ones are the truth! Mark it. Bulls eye Kangz

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