Spectrasonics Trilian Bass Synth Shipping

spectrasonics-trillian-bass-synthesizerSpectrasonics has announced that it is now shipping Trilian, the successor to its Trilogy bass module.


Trilian’s massive 34GB core library features new Acoustic, Electric and Synth basses – as well as enhanced versions of the classic Trilogy sounds. With a brand new user interface and numerous software innovations, Trilian is the first 64-bit native software based on Spectrasonics next generation STEAM Engine, and is the first virtual instrument to feature full library integration with the flagship Omnisphere synthesizer.

Trilian is available now for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) with an MSRP of $299 USD / €229 EUR. All Trilogy customers can upgrade to Trilian for $99 USD.

I saw a preview of Trillian at NAMM, and at that point, it already looked like it was an impressive bass synth.

Details below.

Performance features

  • Designed for expressive, real-time performance
  • Trilian’s new sounds feature:
    • Intuitive, automatic selection of dynamic legato and release articulations allows for highly realistic hammer-ons, pull-offs and trills.
    • Extensive ‘Round-Robin‘ articulations for natural sounding bass lines with repeated notes.
    • Multisampled dynamic slides – realistically slide from one note to another.
    • Multi-channel mixing between Microphone/Amplifier and Direct outputs of each bass.
  • Articulations for Acoustic and Electric basses include: staccato, legato, sustain, vibrato, slide up, slide down, slide up & down, gliss up, harmonics, FX squeaks, X-notes, at multiple velocities with extensive Round-Robin.
  • Pitched Release samples triggering , with up to 16x Round Robin samples for ultimate realism.
  • Live Mode offers intuitive key switching approach for multiple articulations.
  • Stack mode allows user configurable key/velocity/controller mapping for custom patch zones and splits.
  • Custom Controls bring instant, useful and exciting synth bass patch editing attributes right to the users control.
  • Arpeggiator with Groove Lock™ for instant bass line syncing to any Stylus RMX groove or MIDI file.

Sound Library features

  • Vast Core Library — over 34GB with a wide variety of bass sounds, — 10-times the size of Trilogy’s library.
  • Includes over sixty Electric Bass sounds – including 4, 5, 6 and 8-string Electric Basses played by 6 different bassists.
  • Includes all types of playing techniques: Fingered, Picked, Fretless, Slapped, Tapped, Muted.
  • Amazing new acoustic bass with extremely detailed articulations built-in to each patch – over 21,000 samples!.
  • Inspiring brand new Electric Basses include: 5-string Music Man™ Studio Bass, Clean Fender Jazz Bass®, Epiphone™ Retro 60’s Bass, Hardcore Rock 5-string, Lakland™ Rock P-Bass and Chapman Stick®.
  • 333 Synth soundsources include brand new sounds: Novation™ Bass Station, Yamaha® CS-80, Cwejman™ Modular, Moog Minimoog™, Little Phatty™, Voyager™, Taurus™ Pedals, Korg MS-20, Oberheim 2 voice, ARP 2600, Roland Juno 60/106, Waldorf Pulse™, DSI Mopho™ & Tetra™, Roland TB-303, SH-101, Metasonics KV-100 Assblaster, SE-1, Omega, ATC-1 and many more.
  • Newly developed ‘Juicy Filter’ and ‘Power Filter’ algorithms are ideal for thick, resonant synth bass sounds.
  • Enhanced, remastered versions of original Trilogy core library.
  • Bonus section of remastered classic ‘Bass Legends‘ library; featuring Abraham Laboriel, John Patitucci & Marcus Miller.

System features

  • Powerfully simple interface design makes key features accessible to every user.
  • ‘Custom Controls’ bring the most useful editing capabilities for each patch right to the front panel.
  • State of the art Browser with Searching, Attributes/Tags, Images.
  • Advanced MIDI Learn and Automation parameter handling.
  • High Definition streaming sample playback STEAM Engine technology.
  • Integration with Omnisphere: Trilian patches open inside Omnisphere for editing & live performance stacks (Omnisphere version 1.1 or higher required for Trilian library integration).
  • Edit page offers powerful sound manipulation features: dual filters, advanced envelopes and full modulation matrix.
  • 8-part multitimbrality allows multiple articulations in a single plug-in with instant, seamless key-switching.
  • Expandable sound architecture allows user customizable patches and unique new Bass sounds.
  • Comprehensive integrated Reference Guide with search.
  • Free Tutorial Videos available online to registered users.

Effects features

  • Integrated, full-featured FX Racks – just like Omnisphere and Stylus RMX.
  • Over 32 original FX Processors covering the full spectrum of signal processing including amp simulators and compressors, EQ and reverb and delays, unique processors and more.
  • FX can be modulated, automated and MIDI Learned for powerful synthesis and real-time control options.

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