The 12Step Program For Music Sequencing

This video demos 12Step – a neural sequencer developed by Ted Hayes at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) for New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME).

Software used: Puredata 0.41.4-extended, Ableton Live 8, Native Instruments Akoustik Piano.

via Tedb0t:

first iteration of software model with manual (software) input, demonstrating high-weight selection, multiple concurrent sequences, weight randomization and mode changes.

Philip Glass & Steve Reich, eat yr heart out X-)

Part 2 below.

First step: You have to admit you are powerless over hypnotic minimal musical sequences….

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  1. Haha whoa. This is mine 🙂 It's an extremely early prototype for a physical interface… just wait till you see the whole thing! If anyone's in NYC, it'll premiere at Southpaw in December! 😀

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