New Optigan Disc Turns A Bizarre 70’s Music Toy Into The Philip Glass Ensemble has announced a new Philip Glass-inspired Minimalism Optigan disc, featuring the vocal talents of Tara Busch (

We’re proud to announce the latest in our series of new Optigan discs: MINIMALISM! This is a special release for us, since it marks our first musical collaboration with the fabulous Tara Busch of Tara sang the vocal solfege scale for the keyboard, a haunting sound that you’re sure to find plenty of uses for.

The Optigan is a bizarre 70’s musical instrument/music toy that’s features an electomechanical optical sound generator.

It’s available for pre-order now, for $99.99.

Details below.

via peahix:

Now available for pre-order at

Here’s a hot new sound for the 1970s, straight from New York City! Mesmerizing musical kaleidoscopes throb from East Village loft windows and trendy art gallery doors, where less is definitely more More MORE! And you can be right there on the scene with the new Optigan Minimalism
program disc!

Your left hand conducts a tight ensemble of organ, flute, saxophones and bass clarinet- pulsing bass on the special effect tabs, and whirling arpeggios on the chord buttons. Your right hand plays vocal solfege melodies, sung for you by none other than Tara Busch of!

So fill up your glass and take a deep, satisfying gulp from the sonic ocean of Minimalism!

Performance Notes:

The Optigan Minimalism program disc was arranged specifically to allow for a large variety of extended harmonies by pressing two or more chord buttons simultaneously. For instance, holding down C Maj and E Min will produce a C Maj7 chord. G Maj and D Min combined will produce a G9
chord. Also, since the basslines on the special effects tabs contain no thirds, they can be used equally well in major or minor keys. Let your own imagination be your guide, and make your own kind of music!

Music arrangement and production by Pea Hicks
Vocal solfege scale sung and recorded by Tara Busch
Disc creation software, disc production cover artwork and jacket layout by Robert Becker

Rhythms: 4/4
LEFT HAND: Electric organ, flute, saxophones, bass clarinet.
RIGHT HAND: Female vocal solfege.
SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Bb Bass 2. F Bass 3. C Bass 4. G Bass 5. D

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