Linux Music Making With amSynth Synthesizer

This is a quick look at amSynth, a Linux-based software synthesizer.

amSynth stands for Analogue Modeling SYNTHesizer.

It provides virtual analogue synthesis in the style of the classic Moog Minimoog/Roland Junos. It offers an easy-to-use interface and synth engine, while still creating varied sounds.


  • two analogue-style audio oscillators, featuring:
    • sinusoidal, saw/triangle (with adjustable shape), square/pulse (with adjustable pulsewidth) waveforms
    • white noise with or without sample & hold
    • hard sync
    • of course, detune and range controls
  • mixer section with ring modulation
  • analogue-style low-pass filter
    • 24dB/octave curve
    • dedicated ADSR envelope
    • cutoff and resonance control
    • keyboard pitch tracking
  • amplifier with dedicated ADSR envelope
  • modulation LFO
    • up to 58Hz modulation
    • routable to all sections (pitch, filter, amplifier)
  • Effects
    • High quality stereo reverb (freeverb)
    • Distortion/crunch
  • Easy navigation and manipulation of presets

via metalx1000

2 thoughts on “Linux Music Making With amSynth Synthesizer

  1. Hi, really enjoying playing around with this synth. I have also downloaded the virtual midi keyboard for use with it, however, the keyboard doesn’t seem to give any sound? Do you know how to set up the keyboard so that it does or is there another application I could use instead?

    Best Regards

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