1950’s Electronic Music Studio Recreated As Software!


Ever wondered what it was like making electronic music in the late 1950s?

Now you can find out – without having to learn tape-splicing.

Gleetchplug has announced Berna – a “vintage electronic studio simulation.”

It’s got reel-to-reel recorders, oscillators, tape delay – what more do you need to make electronic music?

Release date: Monday November 2nd 2009. Price 10.69€

I can say no more at this time – but you may want to look for a lab coat.

6 thoughts on “1950’s Electronic Music Studio Recreated As Software!

  1. This looks great!! Somehow, it’s the early synthesizer / electronic / concrete / tape experiments that take one back to a real excitement in possibilities. Like, before I was born ;p

  2. Damn, that looks like fun! And I already own a lab coat! (yes, safety goggles too… by sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and try science on the edge)

  3. I've been wearing a lab coat and safety glasses all day (don't worry, it's my job, nothing kinky). The trouble is, I watched this video during my lunch break, and all afternoon I've been able to think of nothing but implementing 'Berna' in hardware…

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