Robot Plays The Organ, Next He Will Rip Your Arms Off

In this video, WABOT-2 the robot relaxes by jamming on the electric keyboards.

Next, he will rip off your arms and beat you with them, because he doesn’t need you anymore. 

WABOT-2 was created in the early 80s.

According to developers, Wabot-2 “can converse with a person, read a normal musical score with its ‘eye’ and play tunes of average difficulty on an electronic organ. The WABOT-2 is also able of accompanying a person while he listens to the person singing.”

via NoiseForAirports, MusicMachinery

5 thoughts on “Robot Plays The Organ, Next He Will Rip Your Arms Off

  1. I saw this robot on TV in the netherlands when I was a teenager. I was really impressed since I am an organ player too, what a great invention, but I wonder what has become of it nowadays? Is it still around? Enjoy watching more of him via google. Greetings to all organ players in the world, from
    adriaan laurijsen

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