42 Free New Music Plugins


The KVR Developer Challenge 2009 has ended and that means that there are some interesting new freebies available.

There were 42 entries:

  • 40 of these are available for Windows;
  • 6 for Mac OS X; and
  • 1 for Linux.

Highlights include a Moog Model D clone, a bassline synth with built-in effects, a granular synthesizer and a convolution reverb.

Here are links to the new free music plugins:

4 thoughts on “42 Free New Music Plugins

  1. I am the developer of pk_hui, which has just been updated to version 1.0.1. If you downloaded the 1.0 release and had problems with it, please check back now. Some really annoying 1.0 bugs have been ironed out.

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