Mark Mosher’s Reboot Is Just A Little Spooky

Free Music Friday: Electronica artist and music blogger Mark Mosher has released a new album, Reboot, that’s just a little spooky.

Mosher says:

Two years in the making, REBOOT is an album containing 7 richly layered electronica songs that blend contemporary synthesizer sounds with classical music motifs. The end result is dark electronica for those who love synth “ear candy” with a “dirty” industrial edge.

Make sure you check out the track They Walk Among Us. It dives straight into B-movie territory, with its use of theremin, flying saucer sounds and vintage horror sounds. Could be a perfect soundtrack for Halloween.

Mosher has released Reboot with a pay-what-you like model. You can preview the album above or check it out at his Bandcamp site. If you like it, you can download it for free or pay Mosher whatever you like.

Mosher’s suggested price is $6 for the album (7 songs, 22 min. + digital booklet) and $1 for singles. Enter $0 for free download.

One thought on “Mark Mosher’s Reboot Is Just A Little Spooky

  1. Mark Mosher's music is good, but its not very good Halloween synth music. If you really want good Halloween synth music, you can't beat anything by ambient composer Lustmord. I'm currently freaking out trick-or-treaters playing Lustmord's Heresy at ear-splitting decibels. Poor little trick-or-treaters. Heresy is the perfect Halloween music…

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