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Grape Solutions’ Pluto is an online synthesizer and digital audio workstation. It’s implemented in a web browser, and based on Microsoft Silverlight.

It offers:

  • 16 tracks with 32 voice polyphony plus 6 fx/track
  • Granular synthesizer, Karplus-Strong guitar synthesizer or drum-machine per each track
  • Highly optimized, multithreaded audio pipeline
  • MIDI import/export, WAV export

Pluto is not a commercial app, but is intended to be more of a demonstration of what can be done with Silverlight in a Web browser.

Pluto is processor intensive – it comes with some demo tracks (including Jarre’s Equinox 5), and they pushed the limits of my dual-processor 1.66Ghz machine.

If you give Pluto a try, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Free Online Synthesizer

  1. well, totlly sucks on an atom processor:) but still amazing what you can do nowadays in the browser. I redered equinoxe to wav and im listening to it right now. Would be grat for a tablet pc but then they really need to dop something about performance

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