4 thoughts on “The Toxic Avenger’s Toxic is Dead

  1. Autotune is everybody's favorite whipping boy, but this kind of extreme sidechain compression is just as overdone and annoying.

  2. No disrespect to your point of view, but the heavy sidechaining is “overused” for the same reason that the four on the floor beat is. On a dancefloor (which I believe is the intended venue for dance music 🙂 ) the pump of the overcompression just feels damn good. It just hasn’t been till the last couple of years that is was so easy to actuall add the effect in. Just my 3.74 cents.

  3. im tired too, about this shitty distortion sidechain sound – copy on copy goes around in this style/genre.

    p.s. for fitst i think about Troma's Toxic Avennger … but i was disapointed (

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