Percussa AudioCubes Now Available In Packages Of 6, 8

Percussa has announced that their AudioCubes are now available in packages of 6 and 8. Details are available at the Percussa shop.

You can preview the AudioCubes’ capabilities above.

Here are their recommendations for various types of applications:

Modulor 4 or more Music Composition
LoopShaper 2 or more Designing Sounds
DeckaBridge 2 or more DJing
MidiBridge 4 or more Performing Live
VSTWrapper 1 or more Applying Sound FX

3 thoughts on “Percussa AudioCubes Now Available In Packages Of 6, 8

  1. These things are mega cool and probably how electronic music will be made in the future, but at the price their selling them now, it's going to be long time before most people get to use them.

  2. i couldn't agree more they're super great but they are super expensive hope they realize about that and start lowering their prices so more people can access them

  3. If they prove to be popular enough, companies will do what they did with the monome and offer mass-production variations that offer 80% of the features at 20% of the price.

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