The Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrix Synth

This is an audio demo of Analogue Solutions’ Vostok matrix synth.

Matrix panels alone do not allow interfacing with external synthesisers & signals, so the Vostok also provides a full complement of front panel jack socket patch points for additional internal & external patching & interfacing.

The Vostok is not a Synthi and not intended to be or sound like one. It is an independent synthesiser in it’s own right.

The Vostok may at first glance look like an EMS clone, but it is not. It may share the matrix panel and suitcase style design concept, but that’s where the similarities end. The Vostok has more features, packing a powerful amount of modular synthesiser power into a small suitcase. It also has a different sound and uses different circuitry.

According to Peter Nagle’s SOS review:

This is a synth with a specialised appeal and the Vostok’s behaviour, range of sounds and performance undoubtedly does bears comparison with those classic EMS instruments. It scores by being slightly cheaper and having such extras as a MIDI interface, a sequencer, mini-jack connections and more. The VCOs sound fine, the filter marvellous and even the digital oscillator could be the source of some very strange sound effects or funky, wave-changing sequencer loops. I mean it as no insult to say that it could be an awesome self-contained sound-effects machine. In that context, the Vostok could do just fine.

Features of the Vostok:

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Suitcase style design.
  • 22×22 matrix pin panel.
  • Rugged Steel construction. Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.
  • Stuffed full of electronics. No front panel space is wasted.
  • Joystick, retro-VU meter, MIDI, jack socket patch points, more, more, more!

The Voxtok matrix synth retails for UK £1549.

via kickitagainagain:

VOSTOK is an Analog Solution’s “Suitcase Type” Analog Modular Synth.

6 thoughts on “The Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrix Synth

  1. Jeez, my mum threw away her old vacuum cleaner when it started making noises like that. I've just finished building a MFOS sound lab with a built-in sequencer and sample-and-hold for under £100 and it sounds better than this thing.

  2. Ha! Must have been a cool vacuum cleaner. I built a MFOS soundlab a while back and added the sample and hold + extra vco's. Very cool little synth. Tempted to build the new soundlab ultimite but my gf would kill me.

  3. "Tempted to build the new soundlab ultimite but my gf would kill me."

    For goodness' sake man, it's time you got your priorities sorted! After all, you're never alone with a synthesizer.

  4. I'm playing this video whilst the 'Christmas Bells of Northern Europe' is blaring away on my stereo and the combination isn't bad… like some fantasy gothic cathedral scudding by on a magic static carpet or, by some scale mistake, got stuck in the antique elevator of Istanbul's Pera Palace Hotel; the one Greta Garbo was once elevated in. It has its own sofa, but I digress…
    ''The throwing away of a noisy vacuum cleaner' sounds like a missed sampling opportunity 😉

  5. HA, Gordon is pretty cool. Cerebral , sardonic sense of humor, but capped it off with a brilliant comment. ''The throwing away of a noisy vacuum cleaner' sounds like a missed sampling opportunity 😉

    I'd be willing to bet that the Vostok would have a far greater range of possibilities and depth than a Soundlab project synth.

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