Like Ambient Music? Then Download This!

<a href="">Cycle 1 by seeyouinsleep</a>

If you like ambient and experimental music, you’ll want to check out Brian W. Green’s seeyouinsleep release, Cycles.

Green is constantly experimenting with sound, and documenting his work on YouTube, SoundCloud and at his blog.

Green explains:

I focus mainly on work dealing with field recording, sound art, generative synthesis, abandoned spaces/natural ambience, environmental/nature sounds, industrial spaces, machines, drones and more.

seeyouinsleep is a platform in which my work is let out, this site/platform is built of various mediums, primarily sound but also video, photography and art.

From a early age i have experimented with sound and have always had a fascination with the sound a natural space can produce and create and what you can do with that sound.

Cycles is a collection of 10 very short pieces – the longest is 50 seconds. All the audio on the album was created using a generative process.

Green suggests putting the album into iTunes or your portable music player and listening it on shuffled repeat, to “let it make a piece of music by itself.”

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