3 thoughts on “Old-School Sequencing With A Synthesizers.com Modular Synthesizer

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what makes this clip 'old school' and the one just down the page 'acid'? Is it just the presence or absence of an ersatz drum beat?

    I guess I never got the hang of genres…

  2. MirlitronOne

    Acid sequencing is a style that was defined by the TB-303, and features sequenced accents and/or glides, in addition to the pitch sequencing.

    Future Retro has developed several devices that can do acid-style sequencing, independent of actual sound generation. Hook up a Future Retro Mobius to any cheap synth and it will sound "acid", because of the way it's being sequenced.

    Traditionally, though, people associate acid sequencing with the TB-303's sound, which is shaped by its filter.

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