Extreme Arpeggiator Patterns In Camel Audio Alchemy

Torley does his thing with Camel Audio Alchemy, demonstrating some extreme arpeggiator pattern programming.

via Torley:

GET ALCHEMY @ http://www.camelaudio.comI conjure magic and show you how to cook up a wickedly gorgeous, crazy-spinning arpeggiated sound in just a few minutes… from scratch! This makes a lovely foundation for more complex sounds you can achieve within the single synth powerhouse, Alchemy. Let’s dive into the arp settings, stacked sources, a touch of modulation, and even layered effects for spice.Yes, the opening ditty was made entirely with Alchemy in about 5 min.DISCLAIMER: I’m not professionally affiliated with Camel Audio. I just reckon they rock (both product and service-wise). I’m one of those people that uses CamelPhat like salt.

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