Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal Updated; Here’s What’s New

Moog Music as announced updates to its MP202 Multi-Pedal.

New features include:

  • MIDI-to-CV conversion,
  • Loopable Envelope Generators with four Envelope Shapes (Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential and Complex)
  • CV Lag
  • CV Scaling and
  • The ability to trigger Gates and MIDI events.

These new features add to the existing feature list including, MIDI Clock Sync, Tap Tempo, Programmable Heel and Toe Voltages, four LFOs, four Analog Control Voltage Outputs, MIDI and USB connectivity. Many of the original features, such as Quad Mode and Noise Generation also received significant enhancements.

MIDI to control voltage conversion is a cool new feature, letting the MP202 double as a four-channel MIDI-CV converter.


Moog Music is announcing a special promotion. From November 15, 2009 through December 31, 2009, the Multi-Pedal’s price will drop to $399 at participating US dealers and through the Moog website.

“The features in OS 2.0 take the Multi-Pedal to a whole new level” said Moog Music President, Mike Adams. “With four channels of MIDI-to-CV conversion, hooking the Multi-Pedal to a laptop sequencer gives you the flexibility and power of an analog step sequencer that can also communicate with MIDI gear.”

OS 2.0 is available as a free download for current Multi-Pedal users.

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