Roger Linn On The Future Of AdrenaLinn Sync


When Rodger Linn introduced the AdrenaLinn Sync effect last week, the plugin was criticized for its dependency on Pluggo, a Cycling ’74 product that’s no longer being updated.

Linn has released a statement on his site that clarifies the situation on this:

AdrenaLinn Sync is based on Pluggo, which is a feature of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP program that allows programs written in Max/MSP to be saved as VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins for both OSX and Windows.

AdrenaLinn Sync is written in Max/MSP and was close to completion when, earlier this year, Cycling 74 announced that they would no longer support the Save As Pluggo feature in Max/MSP. At that time, we began working on a non-Pluggo version, while also finishing up and in November, releasing the Pluggo version.

We expect the non-Pluggo version to be available around March of 2010, and it will be a free upgrade to all AdrenaLinn Sync owners.

That said, the current Pluggo-based version of AdrenaLinn Sync runs fine (with the exception of our stated incompatibilities with Cubase and Max For Live) on OSX Snow Leopard, and the pending Windows version runs fine on Windows 7.

On a personal note, I (Roger) regret the loss of Pluggo support in Max/MSP because I find Max/MSP to be a wonderful development environment compared to other options, allowing product designers to focus more on design and less on reinventing the wheel of low-level coding.

It’s good that Linn released the statement – but because the promised version is vaporware, it really comes down to whether or not AdrenaLinn meets your needs. If you’re interested in AdrenaLinn Sync, check out the review at Waveformless, and download the 14-day demo to try it out, too.

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