The Wacom Tablet Theremin

This video demonstrates using Max For Live with a Wacom Tablet to control the Analog synth instrument in Ableton Live 8.

The “Wacom Theremin” offers a lot of expressive musical potential, with 5 degrees of control over the sound.

Details below.

via rerunnermusic:

The live.remote~ object passes data at many times the resolution of MIDI (one of the great things about the Wacom tablet and sample accurate modulation from MSP to Ableton Live using the API objects in Max for Live).

The Wacom tablet has 5 degrees of hi-res expressive freedom (see below for mappings). Very promising, this is just a quick little study… Cheers.

x axis = pitch (tempered)
y axis = volume
pen pressure =vibrato amount
tilt axis y = vibrato rate
tilt axis x = detune +/- semitone.

2 thoughts on “The Wacom Tablet Theremin

  1. I have been able o accomplish something very similar using GarageBand with a new Intuous Pro w/ touch… and a little tool called the ยต Midi Controller. Why ANYONE outside of Greece would start their product name with a fookin’ Greek character is beyond me, but this is the only bridge I’ve been able to successfully implement for the purpose at hand. Kinda klunky kompared to most current warez but still has flexible controls robust features facilitating the recording of natural-sounding automation for any & every note dynamic. Link:

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