Insane Face-Melting Keytar Shredding From Jeez Louise

Jeez Louise’s Tribute to Them Crooked Vultures and Joe Perry Project

We’ve given the keytar a hard time once or twice in the past – but we may have to take it all back.

I don’t know what the hell keyboardist George von Staden was doing to that microphone, but we know insane keytar shredding when we see it – and consider our faces melted.

Badass or not badass? Let me know what you think!

via JeezLouise666:

Our Tribute to Them Crooked Vultures, Led Zeppelin, Phish, Brad Whitford and Joe Perry Project !!!!

42 thoughts on “Insane Face-Melting Keytar Shredding From Jeez Louise

  1. George – My face has been melted. You guys are amazing! How do I follow and get updates (not on MySpace) – do you have FaceBook or Twitter? Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hope it wasnt too bad. Bobby, i just wanted to have fun. The sounds are really well accepted when we play live. Hope you still liked it anyway. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Mega Badass!!!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like that. My wife calls it Midlife crisis, i call it – Leyve me alone, i am having fun… should hear us jam in reheasal room. Anyway Sir Sedric. Thanks so positively much.

  4. Ahm…by the way. I took and old Evolution Midi Controller Keyboard, drilled two holes, left and right, put in the screws and attached the Guitar Strap.
    That is my Keytar – it is hooked up to to the Access Virus B Rack version. I never really got into the regular Keytars. I use this setup every now and then when i play solo at our gigs with Jeez Louise. It gives me a little room instead of just standing behind the other keyboards.

  5. Well….ahhhhh, what i did was, i hooked up 2 Rocktron Banshee Talkboxes….but i forgot to open the Mic in the mixer. So, i lost the sound and it was too late.
    Taking the virus and putting it through the talkbox is awesome. It just did not come accross. Sorry about that!

  6. Yeah – two. I play the virus stereo. usually got 2 Mics, two tubes and then switch. it is a great effect cause i use the Banshees at different settings.
    Thanks for all the words, you rock.

  7. This is really insane, we are getting requests for more stuff from all over. We will be playing a gig tonight – well do a recording and post it.

  8. Does anyone have any idea what i should use to defeat the noise that really is disturbing when i am not playing? Any ideas please?

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