Acid Modular Synth Jam

On Sunday, we take a break from the continuous coverage of electronic music news and bring you Sunday Synth Jams – cool examples of what musicians are doing with all this stuff

This slow acid synth jam comes from Jason Amm, aka Solvent.

Here are the details:

The Doepfer Regelwerk is the master clock, and is sequencing the MAM ADX-1 (high hats) and Jomox MBase-01 (kick). The Regelwerk also has DIN-sync out, so that’s how the 808 is being synced. x0xb0x sequencer is receiving Regel’s MIDI-clock. The Modcan is strictly being used for processing some 808 sounds.

via s0LVentCIty:

Hi – my name is Jason Amm and I release melodic electro(nica) music under the artist name Solvent, for labels including Ghostly International, Morr Music, and Suction Records.

You can check my music via:

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