Theremin – Yesterday, Today & Forever

Sunday Synth Jam: Thereminist Peter Pringle put together this video combining two performances of Someday My Prince Will Come, on the same instrument, separated by over fifty years.

via copperleaves:

Here are two performances of the Disney classic SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME performed on the same 1929 RCA theremin 53 years apart.

The first version was from a broadcast of the Disney TV show, THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB in 1956, where we see the celebrated Hollywood thereminist, Dr. Samuel Hoffman, playing for a group of mouseketeers.

The second version of the song is one I recorded this afternoon (Nov. 24, 2009) on the theremin that once belonged to the late Dr. Hoffman. It is fortunate that extremely good care has been taken of this instrument throughout its life and it functions as well today as it did when it was made 80 years ago.

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