Win A £3950 Eigenharp Alpha

eigenlabs-eigenharpEigenlabs is giving away a £3950 Eigenharp Alpha.

The catch?

You need to own an Eigenharp Pico:

Have you got what it takes to wow us with a Pico? Join our online battle to find the best Eigenharpist among you.

Our expert judging panel, comprising of Courtney Pine, Hans Zimmer and Eigenlabs founder John Lambert will be keeping an eye on entries.

All you need to do is upload your best Pico performances on Youtube, then enter here. The Pico performance that most impresses the judges will win an Eigenharp Alpha. Judging will be based primarily on your performance, innovative use of the Pico and Youtube popularity. Original compositions and cover versions will be judged equally, and you can submit up to six entries. Video production quality is not an issue as long as the sound quality is good and we can see your playing clearly.

Details are available at the Eigenlabs site.

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