iPhone App Creates Minimal Music Based On Schenkerian Analysis

Akihiko Matsumoto‘s Minimalist Style for iPhone RjDj generates minimal music algorithmically:

Minimalist Style algorithmically generates music based on the analysis of composers such as Bach, Stravinsky, Squarepusher, and many more. Choose your favourite composer by touching one of the squares. Shake the device to move forward in the musical progression. Touch the screen and tilt the device to change the timbre of the synth.

This music is generated by a realtime prolongiation algorithm base on Schenkerian analysis

via RjDj

Interactive Controls:

  • Musical Pattern (shake iPhone!)
  • Motific Style (touch screen)
  • Sound Timber (touch screen)
  • Delay On-Off (touch screen)
  • Tempo / Pulse (scrub screen)
  • Transpose (scrub screen)
  • Timber (touch screen and tilt iPhone)

Motific Styles:

  • John Adams
  • Debussy
  • J.S.Bach
  • Squarepusher
  • Stravinsky
  • Leonin
  • Bartok
  • Webern

via akihikotube

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