Free Max For Live Devices From Ableton Founder Robert Henke

px18Ableton founder Robert Henke (Monolake) has released a set of free devices for Max for Live.

The devices include:

  • The legendary PX-18 step sequencer – The PX-18 is a step sequencer, originally written by me and Gerhard Behles around 1995.  More or less all rhythmical Monolake tracks have been sequenced with the PX-18 and a lot of inspiration for the way how Ableton Live deals with ‘clips’ and ‘scenes’ came from experience with the PX-18. This version offers the functionality of a single track of the original PX18.
  • Black – A simple device which does two things: It displays songtime in hours:minutes:seconds – at least as long as you are working with a constant song tempo. And it allows to black out the computer screen while listening to the music.
  • Distance – This audio effect device is for those who are into careful placement of sonic events in the stereo field. Its main parameter is a big ‘distance’ control. It affects volume, filtering, pan and stereo width of the incoming audio signal. With the right choice of settings it provides a very nice simulation of a source disappearing in the distance: The further away, the less high frequencies, the more the stereo image is reduced to a mono source and the lower the signal level.
  • Circular Doppler – Two virtual microphones rotate around a single sound source. Doppler delays, distance dependent amplitude modulation and filtering included. Movement of source and microphones synced to song position. This allows 100% reproducible effects.
  • Grain Freeze – A granular audio freezer effect. Creates lush textures out of everything!

Max For Live is a flavor of the Max programing language that works in conjunction with Ableton Live 8 and lets users create their own devices and share them.

via Mark Mosher at ModulateThis!. Check out his other posts on Ableton Live, too.

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