McDSP At The 2010 NAMM Show

McDSP has announced that it will introduce Audio Unit (AU) versions of some of its product line at the 2010 NAMM Show. McDSP plans to ship updated versions of its entire product line by May of 2010 with TDM, RTAS and AU support.   These updated versions will also include new features and improved performance on Leopard and Snow Leopard.

McDSP will continue to offer two main product lines – HD and Native.  The HD versions of McDSP plug-ins will support TDM, RTAS, and AU formats.  The Native versions of McDSP plug-ins will support RTAS and AU formats.

Please see the chart below for comparison pricing of purchasing now versus waiting until May 2010.

McDSP Upgrade Chart Comparison
Current Sale Price
(Now until May 2010)
Upgrade Price ($29ea)
Available in May 2010
Total Price
(Current +
Regular Price
(When new versions
ship in May 2010)
You Save
Emerald Pack HD $2,395 $249 $2,644 $2,995 $351
Emerald Pack Native $1,295 $249 $1,544 $1,595 $51
Classic Pack HD $895 $116 $1,011 $1,195 $184
Classic Pack Native $495 $116 $611 $695 $84
Individual HD $395 $29 $424 $495 $71
Individual Native $195 $29 $224 $295 $71

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