NAMM 2010 – The Doepfer A-157 8×16 Step Trigger Sequencer


NAMM 2010: Doepfer has introduced the Doepfer A-157 8×16 Step Trigger Sequencer for the Doepfer Modular Synthesizer:

At NAMM we’ll show a very early prototype of this module (only 8×8 steps, no preset management). The final module will be equipped with 128 momentary with assigned LEDs (arranged in 8 rows with 16 steps each), 8 trigger outputs and clock/start/stop/reset inputs. The module generates 8 trigger signals that are set by the buttons. The LEDs are used to show the active steps. The external control signals clock, start/stop and reset are used to sync the unit to other A-100 modules (or via suitable interfaces to Midi/USB). An additional preset management will be added to the final version of the module. We’re also thinking about a low cost version of this module with an 8×16 or 8×32 display (like the left unit in the picture) but with only one row of buttons that has to be assigned to one of the rows in question.

Date of Delivery: ~ Summer 2010. Price: not yet determined

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