The Moog Guitar Model E1-M With MIDI

Here’s a quick preview of the Moog Guitar Model E1-M with MIDI, an updated, MIDI-compatible version of the Moog Guitar.

via MoogMusicInc:

The Moog Guitar has opened musicians minds, ears and fingers to a new universe of guitar expression, creating an incredibly intimate experience that connects players directly to the strings of the guitar. The spirit of sonic exploration it kindled has led many intrepid guitarists to imagine the possibilities of combining its ground-breaking innovations with MIDI guitar technology.

At Winter NAMM 2010, imagination becomes reality: introducing The Moog Guitar Model E1-M.

In the MIDI-compatible Model E1-M, the award-winning Moog Guitar (Guitar Player Magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Award, Electronic Musician Magazine’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Award, 2008 Summer NAMM “Best In Show” honors, 2008 Popular Science Best of Whats New Award and 2009 Mix Foundation TEC Award) is augmented with a state-of-the-art control system, sporting the features top players demand:

Works With the Latest MIDI Converters and Virtual Guitar Systems
Fast, Accurate Tracking, Low Latency Design
Industry-Standard 13 Pin Hex Output
Magnetic and Piezo Pickup Signals Still Accessible
Added Controls: MIDI Volume, Output Toggle & MIDI Patch Change Toggle

2 thoughts on “The Moog Guitar Model E1-M With MIDI

  1. This has the capability to revolutionize the way guitarists and electronic musicians produce, compose, and play together. Sure, there have been MIDI options for guitarists before, but a plug-n-play application like this has infinite possibilities. Imagine an electronic producer behind the controls of a top-notch guitarist; having the ability to change patches/voices/synths/sounds on the fly to shape a song. You want you guitarist to play bass? How about a 303 running from the fingers of a Jazz guitarist. Drop the price on this, Moog, and you can change everything.

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