NAMM – Arturia Intros Analog Experience Keyboard Synthesizers


Arturia introduced a series of three hybrid synthesizers today at the 2010 NAMM Show:

  • Analog Experience THE PLAYER (25 keys) is the smallest, most lightweight and simple version of the series. It features a compact MIDI keyboard controller and light version of Analog factory software giving a very easy-to-use and affordable package including the very best of Arturia’s signature sounds and a dedicated quality keyboard perfect for the mobile musician.
  • Analog Experience THE FACTORY (32 keys) (previously named “Analog Factory Experience”) adds a dedicated keyboard to the Analog Factory software, allowing all sounds to be dramatically modified instantaneously and making this hybrid ensemble stand apart from any other.
  • Analog Experience THE LABORATORY (49 keys) is the professional grade version of the series. It features a top-notch MIDI keyboard controller and THE LABORATORY version of Analog software that has the same preset-based collection of sounds. This premium controller gives the fullest access to Analog Laboratory software with pre-assigned controls.

Arturia’s Analog Experience keyboards are officially “coming soon”.

One thought on “NAMM – Arturia Intros Analog Experience Keyboard Synthesizers

  1. I have the original Analog Factory experience keyboard/software. It was the first thing i bought when i got back into music and it blew me away. However since over discovered the other virtuals such as the Odditty, Imposcar, Minimonsta and korg legacy collection I dont use it as much. Not really anything to do with sound, its just a lot heavier on the CPU so I try to avoid it now.

    However the additional features of the Laboratory and the aftertouch keyboard are tempting, interesting to see what its like.

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