Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard


NAMM: Dave Smith unveiled a keyboard version of the Mopho, his monophonic analog synthesizer.

The Mopho Keyboard has all the features of the original unit, but adds knobs, switches and a weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. It can be expanded with a Tetra synth to create a 5-voice synth, and the the Mopho acts as a master to the Tetra.

With the Mopho Keyboard, Dave Smith is giving fans exactly what they want – a great sounding, powerful, pint-sized synth.

DSI expects to ship the Mopho Keyboard in a couple of months and it will be around $800.

2 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

  1. This is what I wanted Moog to do. A moogerfooger sized synth for under a grand. Leave it to Dave Smith. Its funny how the same innovators are repeating history for new generations in exactly the same way. Mopho Keyboard + Tetra = Prophet 5? Ish? I feel like its 1977 again.

    Brent R

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