NAMM – Roland Intros The VP-7 Vocal Processor

NAMM: Roland introduced the VP-7 Vocal Processor – a portable processor that sets on top of keyboards with free panel space and creates ensemble vocal sounds with a variety of PCM-based vocal sounds, or with Roland’s Vocal Designer technology.

The compact VP-7 includes four human voice sounds — Female Choir, Boys Choir, Gregorian Choirs and Jazz Scat.

Utilizing Vocal Designer technology derived from Roland’s Vocal & Ensemble keyboards, the VP-7 has three Vocal Designer algorithms that can automatically generate multi-voice backing harmonies that sing the same lyrics as a performer sings into the included DR-HS5 headset microphone. Keyboardists that sing lead vocals can blend the VP-7’s sounds with their own voice to create impressive backing. Or, when harmonizing with a lead vocalist, the VP-7’s sound can be blended with the live vocal harmony or used with 100% processing. The Vocoder button also lets you switch to a vintage vocoder.

The VP-7’s super-simple interface features large, quick-access buttons and knobs, so it’s easy to call up preset sounds and adjust blends on the fly. Onboard ambience effects sweeten the sound with the twist of a knob, while a handy mute switch lets the user bring the VP-7’s processing in and out with the push of a button.

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