Roland Intros RD-700GX SuperNATURAL Piano Kit

roland-supernatural-piano-kitNAMM: Roland introduced the RD-700GX SuperNATURAL Piano Kit (K-RD700GX1) –  a dedicated expansion board and a USB memory key to update the RD-700GX operating system.


Derived from V-Piano technology and the 88-key stereo multisampling engine, the SuperNATURAL Piano Kit enhances three dimensions of piano expressiveness to the RD-700GX. The result is seamless tonal change that corresponds to key pressure, decaying sounds that linger and fade naturally, and a authentic sound transition from note to note across the keyboard.

The SuperNATURAL Piano Kit also adds 17 new SuperNATURAL piano sounds designed for the RD-700GX.

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