Free ReFill Features “Filthy & Nasty” Chip Drums

Sir Sedric has released a free Reason ReFill, ChipDrums, which features “Filthy chip Drum Delight.”

Sir Sedric adds, “I made a ReFill with two supremely dirty Combis (Nasty Room and Filthy Box)”.

Sounds promising…..


  • 2 Performance Combinators w/ Routed Effects
  • 5 Starter Redrums, Full Kits w/Cymbal Choke
  • 12 NN-XTs for Searching by Instrument
  • 150 Kicks (75 Straight, 75 Distorted)
  • 70 Snares (35 Straight, 35 Distorted)
  • 20 Hats, Cymbals and Shakers
  • 25 Fx and Percs

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