Free Reason ReFill Features Dirty, Nasty Hip Hop Samples

Sir Sedric has more dirty + nasty samples for you with the BoomBapp ReFill – a free library featuring “150 of the grimiest, dirt-nastiest drums you’re gonna hear”:

A no bullshit pack of Kicks and Snares with extra flavor, extra sauce and double-extra funk.

Each of these Booms and Bapps has been painstakingly crafted to suit grimy, gutter-born, raw and hard-hitting Hip-Hop and Rap tracks, but it doesn’t stop there. These could also be at home in any production that needs powerful, energetic backbeats such as House, Trance, Acid, Electro, DnB, Dubstep…even Pop!

Check out Sir Sedric’s nasty and dirty issue with the audio demo above.

Download it at Sir Sedric’s site – and let me know what you think of Sedric’s “grimiest, dirt-nastiest drums”.

2 thoughts on “Free Reason ReFill Features Dirty, Nasty Hip Hop Samples

  1. I’m super bummed. I had used his ChipDrum ReFill for a few tracks a year or so ago, and my reason files got corrupted, the ReFill also. Now I can’t even find a mirror for it and I no longer have the source files. Super bummed. Does anyone know of a mirror or host for any of his ReFills?

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