New Acoustic Toy Museum Sound Library

acoustic-toy-museumUltimate Sound Bank has introduced Acoustic Toy Museum, a massive collection of sampled toy instruments.

Hundreds of musical toys were used to create this unique sound library, including toy pianos, bells, toy guitars, baby drums, blow toys and more.

Acoustic Toy Museum is now available now for $349 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).


  • Toy Pianos and Keys – By far, this is the most complete selection of Toy Pianos around the word, featuring the famous Michelsonne pianos, rare wood pianos and other keyboards.
  • Xylo and Metal – A fair amount of xylophones and metallophones, sanza, and Clavi-Harp.
  • Children Bells – Simple bells, key-triggered bells, and chimes.
  • Toy Guitars – Two small guitars and two ukuleles. Multisamples, chords and loops expertly played in various tempo and for every key, so you can play riffs in any song.
  • Music Boxes – An Aladdin’s cave of music boxes! From old and crispy models, to the most clean with typical tones. Presets with different samples randomly played for every note are included for the classic models.
  • Baby Drums – Two different drum sets, a children school one and a very cheap cardboard one, both recorded in a professional studio and played with talent by a monster studio session drummer.
  • Baby Percussion – More than a dozen different percussions to cover a wide-range of needs. Loops played by an excellent percussionist also included.
  • Melodicas and accordions – Along with the prominent melodicas, you’ll find other reed instruments like accordions and harmonicas.
  • Blow Toys – Recorders, whistles, tiny trumpets… basically anything that can be blown into.
  • Musical Gadgets – Everything that couldn’t be sorted: from the giggle stick to the puzzling boom whackers.
  • Ancient Automates – Animated plush animals with ancient looks.
  • Kindergarten – Warning: you must at most be 36-month old to play with this category. Roly-poly toys, moo boxes, play centers, everything the youngests need.

Note: An iLok key is required.

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