Musique Concrète Optigan Disc Call For Submissions



Submit!’s Pea Hicks has issued a Call for Submissions for an upcoming Optigan disc, Musique Concrète:

In December 2010 we plan to release an experimental Optigan disc called “Musique Concrète,” which will essentially be a collage of 57 sound loops in the tradition of early electronic studio tape music.

We’re completely disregarding the Optigan paradigm of chords and keys, and simply assigning a different abstract sound loop to each chord button and key. We thought that the most interesting approach for this disc would be to invite Optigoners everywhere to submit sound loops of their own making (please, no samples from commercial or copyrighted sources), from which we’ll choose the best for inclusion on the disc.

All sounds chosen for inclusion on the disc will fall under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Unused sounds will revert back to their respective creators.

The deadline is Nov. 1st, 2010.

You can submit as many loops as you like, the only real rules being that the loops must be exactly 2 seconds long (or we’ll alter them to fit that length) and in mono.

Musique concrète samples for a failed music toy from 30 years ago?

Hell, yeah!

Check the Optigan site for more details and then go get your Musique concrète on.

Musique concrète is the name for the style of electronic music, pioneered by Pierre Schaeffer, based on the tape manipulation of recorded sound.

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