Techno Hoodies Turn Foreplay Into Weird Electronic Music

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz’s Barbwired is a wearable art project that uses two wearable tech garments – what we call techno hoodies – stitched with FSRs ( force sensitive resistors ) and patches of conductive thread, to turn foreplay into weird electronic music:

“Sensual feelings, toxic obsessions, intense emotions” Aleksandrowicz says, “are translated through physical contact into sound vibrations.”

To play the sounds, the couple needs to be in physical contact, touching the conductive thread patches on their partner’s garment. The conductive thread touch points function as the input and ground for an Arduino.

Now you can make your lover squeal in ways they never thought possible…..

Or desirable.

How It Works:

Sounds are manipulated and transformed by squeezing the partner’s arms, depressing the sensors. The force sensitive resistors control the effects of the sounds (in Max/MSP).

Depending on the intensity of the partner’s squeeze and how many sensors are depressed simultaneously, the sound is transformed and changes intensity. Each sensor and combination of sensors creates a different effect from reverbs to distortion.

Ready to liven up your love life with some techno hoodies?

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