iConnectMIDI Turns Your iPhone Into A MIDI Controller


iConnectivity has announced iConnectMIDI – a new box that lets you use your iPhone to directly control hardware synths.

Here’s how iConnectivity explains how iConnectMIDI works:

Plug your electronic instrument (synthesizer, guitar, whatever) into iConnectMIDI and you can play and control your music, using your iPhone or iPod, your instrument, or both at the same time.

You’re not limited to one musical instrument either. With iConnectMIDI you can connect up to 16 devices in a chain, controlling all of them with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Standard MIDI (5-pin DIN): 2 x MIDI-IN, 2 x MIDI-OUT
  • USB-MIDI: 1x Type-A connector to USB-MIDI device
  • USB: 1 x mini-USB connector to computer
  • RJ-50 connector to iPhone/iPod Touch (cable included)
  • (MIDI and USB cables not included)

iConnectivity is also planning to offer a number of applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch that you can use with iConnectMIDI and your musical devices.

This looks insanely interesting.

Putting a MIDI out on an iPhone opens up all sorts of possibilities. The iPhone becomes a flexible multi-touch MIDI controller that works with 25 years of electronic music technology.

If this works with the iPad, things could really get crazy.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts. What you would pay for an iConnectMIDI, and what would you like to see in the way of apps?

9 thoughts on “iConnectMIDI Turns Your iPhone Into A MIDI Controller

  1. wow, this does look really promising. could totally legitimize the iphone as an instrument / controller.

    … if the pricing is reasonable.

    the idea of relying on ad hoc wifi to use mine as an xy pad or similar controller is nauseating.

  2. no – the line6 midi mobilizer does NOT work like this interface. you have to youse wlan or the midi mobilizer to EXPORT data but you don´t have the possibilty of interaction with different instruments at once…

  3. Looks like hard vapor-ware. Too bad. Would have have been nice to buy something that would allow wired DAW control from an iPhone.

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